Ways To Keep Your Copier In Good Working Condition

Maintaining and keeping your office copier in top working condition will help you make your workday a lot easier. After all, they say that when you do care for your copier the right way, it will also care for you in return. Practically, this is true; keeping your copier in top working condition is relatively easy. Here are some helpful tips you might want to consider to keep your office copier away from the repairman.

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Give some care. 

If your office copier has been idle for some time, like over a long weekend, it’s very important that you run some sample prints prior to intensively using the machine. Before starting, make sure old papers are replaced with new stacks, and that any signs of paper jams must be double checked. The more modern copiers today often go to sleep mode when left unused for longer periods of time. Once you start them up again, they go into the adjustment mode that generally takes some time. Be patient because this process is very important, and pressing the print button over and over again won’t do any good.

Check for crappy papers. 

A lot of users have this practice of filling the paper to the top. Copiers have their own paper capacity. They have indicators somewhere in the tray that tells you to fill right below the line. You should also ensure that the papers you load are dry and clean because crinkled papers can cause your copier to jam.

Handle the copier carefully. 

Without proper care, you can potentially destroy your printer. When you attempt to fix a copier, keep in mind that there is a proper and improper approach to deal with it. Instinctively, you may want to abruptly open the machine’s drawer and just look in to check for the problem’s source, usually a paper jam. To clear paper jams, be sure you follow the suggested screen prompts found on the copier’s display. When solving jams, carefully open the “insides” of the machine. Paper jam is simply a backup of jammed papers that results in multiple pages partially engaged in certain parts of the copier. Opening the components all too quickly may potentially tear parts of the paper and it would be hard to retrieve those with proper tools and the expert hands of a technician. 

Call your technician when you see lines. 

Have you ever encountered having outputs with lines on the page and you notice it’s not going away? Call your technician. Visible lines on the prints or copies may be an indication that your machine’s roller is dirty. This will require trained professionals to access, clean, and remove the rollers. Moreover, lines may also result when a paper jams even before it finishes the whole printing process and will end up having loose toner residues. Another possible reason why you have lines on your prints is a spot or dirt on the copier’s glass. Simply use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the platen glass.

Check compatibility. 

Not all print and copy materials are created identical. Toners generally vary in quality and viscosity. If you use an incompatible toner to your machine, serious damage may be possible and you will end up spending for an expensive repair.

Choose the right copier according to your needs. There are certain cases where a copier breaks down simply because it is not suited for the demands the user places on it. Copiers who regularly get busted is a clear indication that it is overused.

When buying machines and copier Augusta equipment, looking for the most suitable for your needs is essential. But keeping your machine in good working condition is just as important. Make sure you give your copier that care it deserves.