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What Are Copier Rentals?

The common misconception about getting a piece of new equipment like a copier or a multifunction printer is that it is expensive. A lot of business owners do not know that aside from buying one, they have the option to rent or lease one. Here are the things that you need to know about copier rentals:

Copier rentals

Rentals are a bit similar to leases but they are more flexible. The main difference is the time frame that is involved. Rentals are usually on a month to month basis. The company renting can also upgrade or even downgrade their equipment when needed. They can also cancel their agreement as long as they give notice beforehand, and that is usually 30 days. This is great because, with the advances in technology, the latest copier may be considered obsolete next year. A company that owns its machines can only upgrade by disposing or even reinvesting their existing assets. Some of the suppliers have provisions to trade up to a higher model. You have the freedom to upgrade without purchasing a new one. 

Your rental agreement will cover the service and the parts and supplies. This means that no unexpected repair costs. Sometimes, the contract also covers the toner replacement. You will cover the paper and the staple expense. The repairs and maintenance are not an issue. When you call your supplier for help, an engineer will come within a few hours. A next-day guarantee is also provided. 

Renting copiers allows you to sue a better and a more sophisticated copier than what you can truly afford. You can order the latest and the best MFP without worrying about the price. Renting copiers can also benefit new businesses. They can use their limited capital to invest in more important things and at the same time, be able to have the equipment that they need in order to do their everyday tasks. Copier rentals can also allow you to keep up with the latest technology trends and it allows you to enjoy the greatest advantage at a lower risk and expense. 

Should you rent or lease?

This is a tricky question because it makes sense to lease a copier if you are confident enough that you can pay the monthly lease fee on time every month for the whole duration of your agreement. Leasing is also a great option if you are trying to conserve your capital. 

Renting is good if you are sure that you only need a copier for a short time. It is very popular for companies that work on a project basis. It also involves a monthly rental fee that includes a predetermined number of pages or copy volumes, labor, parts, toner, service and more. You may be charged for delivery and pick up fee. You can consult your accountant to know the best form of payment that you can get that is the most cost-effective. 

How do you get out of a contract?

Before deciding to get out of your contract, make sure that you review the contract thoroughly at the beginning before you even sign it. It can be very difficult to break should you be unable to pay the fees. You should watch out for automatic renewals because most leasing companies auto-renew contracts. You should also know your opportunity to get out of the rental or lease contract. This is vital so you do not renew your agreement before you actually need to. 

It is also important that you bill your maintenance contract separately from the copier itself. You can get tied to the machine because your maintenance agreement lasts a long time. This can be an issue if your unit has become obsolete or it is no longer working properly. 

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